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We offer complete and tailored designs to finish solutions specific to your sound, your vision and your needs. Our leading world-class acoustic architects and designers will provide you with a well-calculated design .

Whether you are a drummer, acoustic guitarist, sound engineer, dj or keyboardist, we can tailor and create the ultimate working environment for your creative output and passion. 

We can create bedroom studios, completely new designs from the ground up, new-build studios, home cinemas and dedicated listening rooms.

Everything will be presented and explained in great detail to be absolutely sure of your vision and expectations. The construction will be done by our own team of experienced tradesmen and our projects are well-managed from start to finish.

Some acoustic elements of your studio will be constructed and assembled in our offsite workshop, and delivered to site ready for installation. Qualified electricians will provide all the necessary certificates at the end of the studio construction.

We can also offer ergonomic studio desks, built customised to your needs and studio design. 

All projects are individual and unique. 

Our work is insured and warranties are provided at the end of the project for both mechanical and design faults, should any occur.