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We are here to offer you our expertise, experience and knowledge to create your ultimate Sound Pack!

If you have ever attempted a DIY-studio build, you will know that it requires two skills; your acoustic knowledge AND construction skills . Here comes the part that makes us different… 

Not only does our director have a life-long passion for music, experience travelling and performing with artists, producing, mixing and mastering music, he’s also spent 20 years in the construction industry. He is an expert carpenter and has worked as both a residential and a commercial project manager for large construction firms in London.

Acoustic design is delicate, and with us, you will be working with an experienced builder who appreciates the accuracy needed to build your pride and joy, with laser-like precision, based on two decades of experience. 


Welcome to The SoundPack, your one-stop shop for professional acoustic design and the construction of your very own, private music studio. Whether your dream studio is big or small, in your home, in your cellar or attic, free-standing at the bottom of your garden or in your garage, we’ve got you covered.

What makes us different? Our team’s front man is a live music performer, sound engineer and artist. He has been involved in music production for a long time and has made all the mistakes that home producers typically make. Through years of creating little bedroom studios, making mistakes and learning how to improve things time and time again, our director knows exactly how to construct the perfect studio.

Guess what, you can skip this part and avoid spending a fortune rebuilding and redesigning your studio over and over again. There are plenty of online videos out there, books too, but why waste your time making mistakes, then realising you have an empty wallet? Why not get it right the first time ? 

We know how to build every inch of a good studio, we know because we’ve done it many times. Get in touch and let’s talk about your vision, let’s discuss the ins and outs and get excited with you! Building music studios is our passion, we will love your new studio as much as you do.